The mill

As early as 1394, the Bouchet mill is listed in the parish archives of Saint Hilaire de Mortagne.

Over the centuries, it becomes a paper mill or it is used to grind grain, before being refurbished as a place of residence. We worked there, so as to make it a guest house which would seduce you and where you would feel at home.

Smack in the middle of a lush and wild nature, the estate is one and a half hectares wide.

The priest’s garden, the island and the sheep’s meadow are on the edge of the river. In wintertime, animals move to summer grazing, in the hill next to La Varenne. Another hill planted with conifers and box trees is a great place to see the Sèvre Nantaise river, to read, or to climb for the youngest who call it their mountain.


Interior view

Exterior view